1. I know I’m super late

    Mr. Tokki visited You Are Here Cafe! (Also known as eatyourkimchi and talktomeinkorean's cafe!)

    Even though they vere exhausted, they rewarded everyone with 100% of their attention and nice words. Thanks guise :)

  2. Do not copy what’s mine and make it yours

    (Best viewed in full view, go to my blog to see the hi-res version and the fancy brush)

  3. hamsters-and-rainbows turned 1 today!

  4. What’s the best time to procrastinate while drawing Woo Jiho?

    Right before finals~! (✿◕▽◕)ノ彡 ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・

    Pencil on paper + colors added in photoshop (reference HERE)

  5. 터졌다 재 재 재 잭팟~!

  6. whoops I did it again

  7. A part of my (K)Pop-art series - Bias derps

    FEATURING Bang Yongguk

    A birthday present for Alice


  8. mental-1llness:

    I never thought I’d do this…but my dash is pretty dead lately….

    Reblog or Like if you post any of the following:

    • B.A.P
    • Block B
    • BTS
    • 1llionaire Records artists/ AOMG artists/ Korean Hip Hop artists (pics/ songs/ gifs/ whatever)
    • Paintings (most styles)
    • Photography (most subjects are fine)
    • Poetry or Writing References

    I’ll give all blogs a look over.

    (Source: yall-need-jaesus)

  9. Things I draw on Korean textbooks/handouts: 11/∞

    #11: New semester, new bishounen
    (Makes me think of a Zico/Ukwon hybrid???!??! but with a different nose????what is my brain doing)

    (Source: hamsters-and-rainbows)

  10. Still haven’t recovered from Very Good Rock Version and descriptive grammar is too boring

  11. Photo 1: Imma gingerbread designer yooo (Of course I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t include a rainbow ㅋㅋㅋ)

    Photo 2: If I was a kid that would probably make the adults flip inside out trololololol

    (FYI It was super hard to separate those sprinkles according to color because they were MIXED okay?)

  12. Things I draw on Korean textbooks/handouts: 10/∞

    #10: 김브로콜리 머리.jpg (Kim Broccoli hair.jpg) AKA Kim Namjoon AKA Rap Monster

  13. A little birthday gift for my-own-wellies~!

    A part of my (K)Pop-art series - Bias derps FEATURING:

    • Big Bang’s TOP
    • LED Apple’s Hanbyul
    • Simon D
    • Infinite’s Sungyeol
    • B1A4’s (BILASA) Sandeul
    • Infinite’s Dongwoo
    • SHINee’s Onew
    • Xander (ex- UKISS)
    • Big Bang’s Taeyang (Feat. Kimbap hair)
  14. Birthday present for my lovely JUSTLOVEPANDAS!

    You know that you’re always so precious to me, even though sometimes our relation is not the best or sometimes we don’t have time to see each other… So I send you all my love sealed within this drawing and I hope the world will always be able to see your smiling face~! (which is my favoritest of the favorite <3) 


  15. one time I tried to draw Yongguk but then he started looking like Zico and in the end he turned out to be Namjoon