1. random Zico sketches for practice because his expressions are gold

  2. fuckyeahzico:

    (난리나 무대의상) Rapper Line Fanart by 권천사

    (Source: evon.bestiz.net)

  3. A quickie I did because I saw this photo of Pyo

  4. Everything about me is perfect
  5. Seungyoon: an archangel of war and emissary to the lower worlds…
    though sometimes, after all these millenia, he’d rather just sit
    in a cloud and strum his harp.
    Zico: a former angel who didn’t so much Fall as Swagger Vaguely
    Downwards. Temptation is his strong suite, words are his weapons,
    and he’s damned good at his job.

    "You know, we’re not so different, you and me. In another world, another time, maybe we could have been friends."

    "I am nothing like you. And we are not friends."

    "We’ve been enemies so long, we might as well be. What would be so bad about joining me? I have a good time, down here among the mortals. We’d make a great team. And besides…our side’s got better music.”

    "We really have known each other too long."

    Collaboration project with nacseo-scrawl!

  6. Dear Woo Jiho,
    Happy birthday! I got you cuter shoes~


  7. cwethanthecrow:

    when people draw your oc


    (via paperplanes95)

  8. apparently I don’t know how to draw other people except this guy OTL

    pls view it on my blog for full view (I’m serious, you won’t regret it <3)

  9. I know I’m super late

    Mr. Tokki visited You Are Here Cafe! (Also known as eatyourkimchi and talktomeinkorean's cafe!)

    Even though they vere exhausted, they rewarded everyone with 100% of their attention and nice words. Thanks guise :)

  10. Do not copy what’s mine and make it yours

    (Best viewed in full view, go to my blog to see the hi-res version and the fancy brush)

  11. hamsters-and-rainbows turned 1 today!

  12. What’s the best time to procrastinate while drawing Woo Jiho?

    Right before finals~! (✿◕▽◕)ノ彡 ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・

    Pencil on paper + colors added in photoshop (reference HERE)

  13. 터졌다 재 재 재 잭팟~!

  14. whoops I did it again

  15. A part of my (K)Pop-art series - Bias derps

    FEATURING Bang Yongguk

    A birthday present for Alice