1. Dear Woo Jiho,
    Happy birthday! I got you cuter shoes~


  2. cwethanthecrow:

    when people draw your oc


    (via paperplanes95)

  3. apparently I don’t know how to draw other people except this guy OTL

    pls view it on my blog for full view (I’m serious, you won’t regret it <3)

  4. I know I’m super late

    Mr. Tokki visited You Are Here Cafe! (Also known as eatyourkimchi and talktomeinkorean's cafe!)

    Even though they vere exhausted, they rewarded everyone with 100% of their attention and nice words. Thanks guise :)

  5. Do not copy what’s mine and make it yours

    (Best viewed in full view, go to my blog to see the hi-res version and the fancy brush)

  6. hamsters-and-rainbows turned 1 today!

  7. What’s the best time to procrastinate while drawing Woo Jiho?

    Right before finals~! (✿◕▽◕)ノ彡 ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・

    Pencil on paper + colors added in photoshop (reference HERE)

  8. 터졌다 재 재 재 잭팟~!

  9. whoops I did it again

  10. A part of my (K)Pop-art series - Bias derps

    FEATURING Bang Yongguk

    A birthday present for Alice


  11. mental-1llness:

    I never thought I’d do this…but my dash is pretty dead lately….

    Reblog or Like if you post any of the following:

    • B.A.P
    • Block B
    • BTS
    • 1llionaire Records artists/ AOMG artists/ Korean Hip Hop artists (pics/ songs/ gifs/ whatever)
    • Paintings (most styles)
    • Photography (most subjects are fine)
    • Poetry or Writing References

    I’ll give all blogs a look over.

    (Source: himchanchan-fanfan)

  12. Things I draw on Korean textbooks/handouts: 11/∞

    #11: New semester, new bishounen
    (Makes me think of a Zico/Ukwon hybrid???!??! but with a different nose????what is my brain doing)

    (Source: hamsters-and-rainbows)

  13. Still haven’t recovered from Very Good Rock Version and descriptive grammar is too boring

  14. Photo 1: Imma gingerbread designer yooo (Of course I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t include a rainbow ㅋㅋㅋ)

    Photo 2: If I was a kid that would probably make the adults flip inside out trololololol

    (FYI It was super hard to separate those sprinkles according to color because they were MIXED okay?)

  15. Things I draw on Korean textbooks/handouts: 10/∞

    #10: 김브로콜리 머리.jpg (Kim Broccoli hair.jpg) AKA Kim Namjoon AKA Rap Monster